Do you still navigate the web using a human-maintained listing of topics and URLs? Of course not.

Sure, 20 years ago when the web was still in diapers, manually created directories were useful. But the web is billions and billions of pages now; we all know that manually maintaining a list of every site is just a ridiculously crazy idea.

So why are you still searching for APIs using a human-powered directory?

We launched APIHound because -like you- we depend on finding APIs to build cool stuff. We searched for a good API directory, but all we found were sites like ProgrammableWeb that have been manually collecting APIs for years and PublicAPIs which has a very small API database. There had to be more APIs out there waiting to be found.

We decided it was time to bring API Searching into the 21st century. APIHound is continuously examining billions of pages to locate the best API resources.

The result is that APIHound has uncovered over 50,000 APIs indexed, categorized, and available for searching.

Our API list is more than 4x larger than similar sites that have been around for years. We are working hard to add more sites and categories and tune our detection and scoring strategies. Our mission is to help you uncover APIs that will help you build great things.

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